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Discover how to built assets online, and how to Earn, Save, Grow and Invest Your Money to build a Debt Free Life!

Are you ready to go from Hobby to building a High Paying Business? Then check out the latest courses, events, workshops and coaching programs to help you take a Quantum Leap in your business!

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It’s Time to Build Your Assets Online

Are you ready to escape the Entrepreneurship Rat Race where you spend more than you earn, work long hours and have no lifestyle, in your lifestyle business? Then it’s time to re-position yourself, and start building assets online that will give you the freedom you desire.

What I Teach

Online Marketing Strategies

If you’ve been wondering how to finally put your social media sites to work, and turn a profit from them, then I can show you how!

Monetization Strategies

At the end of the day, no matter what you desire to do, you need to MAKE MONEY doing whatever it is you invest your time in, career-wise.

Launch, Grow & Scaling Your Business

Share the various steps in each of these processes with insight on how to grow in each process so that you can accomplish your business goals.

Personal Development / Mindset Coaching

I have a Goal of helping ambitious entrepreneurs discover their voice and connect with their purpose through their businesses.


Nicole helped me Double My Income!

Before working with Nicole I had limited knowledge regarding how powerful internet marketing could be for my business. 2 hours with Nicole, not only did I have a proven system of how to explode my network marketing business, but I learned the power of systems and automations for all of my businesses that has helped me double my income.

Keenya Kelly



Nicole’s Passive Income Strategies 10x My Income!

Nicole is a creative & innovative genius. No one I’ve ever met thinks like her, which is what makes her stand out as an exceptional caring leader. Her business building and passive income strategies has helped me 10x my income. Nicole’s desire and passion to help people is unparalleled. Whatever she is teaching, LISTEN!! Quality authentic leadership is hard to come by these days, but Nicole is definitely up top of that list..

Reginald Stinson

Nashville, TN


Hey, I’m Nicole and I help Entrepreneurs, Solo-Preneurs and Home Business Owners discover better ways to leverage the internet to launch, grow and scale their businesses. I am the live “case study” that tests various marketing, sales and business growth strategies so that I can share them with you to show what’s working and what’s not working, allowing you to focus on the best strategies to building your business online.

I’m honest, raw and very transparent, so if you’re looking for someone to give you honest insight about building a business online, then welcome aboard!