Here’s Why Money Continues To Be An Issue In Your Life…..

This morning while out running errands, I kinda snapped….

Here’s what I mean…

I’ve been going through all of my bills looking to minimize them in any way possible to save more money.  My phone bill is one of my biggest monthly expenses so in an effort to reduce the bill, I decided that I’m leaving ATT and going to one of its competitors that will offer me a better deal while buying me out of my contract…

The two I decided to check out was

  1. TMobile (yeah, I heard, service sucks…)
  2. Sprint (I know, not so great either)

(** If you have any suggestions, let me know **)

However, back to my point…

I ran into Sprint to chat with the salesman and in an effort to get my phone bill reduced, I began to feel like talking to him was like being seduced by a used car salesman.  He was talking super fast, writing down tons of numbers, telling me how simple it was, and pretty much working his sales magic to escort me to the dotted line (p.s. I understand sales quotas and he was werking honey)…

Needless to say, I walked out overwhelmed, confuses and totally pissed off which led me to shoot this video, where I unveil to you.. The #1 Reason Why Money Continues to be an Issue In Your Life…

Check it out here…..

In an effort to help you overcome this Epidemic, I’ve put together a free document I found online that helps with debt reduction, along with instructions on how to use it…

Check out the video here, and Grab your copy by clicking the link below

>> Grab Your Debt Free Calculator Here <<



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