BUS Podcast Episode 016: 2015 year-end review

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Do you really understand your business model – or yourself? Have you done your homework and set your goals carefully? Are you always attracted to the next shiny object that you begin to stray away from your strength?

Realign yourself with your purpose and find the best opportunities to grow your business this year!

In this episode, Nicole shares the reason for the show’s long hiatus, the 2015 year-end review and what you should expect in 2016.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

* The question you have to ask before implementing something new to your business

* The impact and power of podcasting and the lessons you should learn before using it to expand your business

* The lessons Nicole picked-up last year that might be beneficial to your business, career or personal life

* Nicole’s personal blueprint on goal setting which she perfected after reading a real estate book back in 2004

* Key goals Nicole has set to accomplish this year and the last


* There’s so much more to our lives than business.

* What happens when you don’t know what to do, you go back to what you know.

* You’re not gonna find your purpose. Your purpose finds you.

* Just because you’re good at doing something, doesn’t mean that’s what you’re called to do.

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