Episode 009: How To Supercharge Your Business Through Video


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Are you ready to take your business to a bombshell level?

In this episode, we’re going to share with you how to do just that. Our guest Ellie Brett, owner of the boutique consulting firm, Media Bombshell works with visionary business owners who are serious about positively impacting the planet with their passion + moxie + services. The only thing they need? The power of a well-known brand to help them do it.

Brands are like relationships: First impressions count, trust grows over time and emotional connections are forged through the sharing of stories. But you don’t have to wait years to organically grow your business. You CAN supercharge the process by mastering purposeful messaging and building a strong on-camera presence right now!

In this episode, You’ll walk away with:

  • A fresh sense of your voice & your purpose
  • The clarity to speak about your business in a way that connects with your ideal audience
  • The ability to feel poised and confident in any on-camera or on-stage situation
  • An understanding of your core message & how to translate it to key soundbites
  • Knowledge of how to make huge impact with your brand through video & media

Tune in now to discover your Media Bombshell.


  • If you are in any level of business, you have to sell yourself first to people.
  • If you’re able to truly add value to the other person, that… is where I see the biggest shift in confidence.
  • The minute you hit the ceiling with where you are, that means you’re at the basement of where you need to go.


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