Why I Changed The Name Of The Podcast

why i changed my podcast name

Last week, while preparing to launch the podcast for today, I had a change of heart.

You see, there are times in our lives where we are making shifts, and transforming into new levels in our lives.  And although you don’t know all the details of what this shift entails, you can feel it intensely inside of you.

It’s a feeling that’s hard to describe, but it’s that feeling that led me to make the name change for the podcast!

The Backstory!

hl_backstoryI’ve shared this story in bits and pieces through various videos and trainings that I’ve done, but I want to share it a bit more in detail here with you!

It all started about maybe 18 months ago or so.

I had gotten burned out from the world of Network Marketing and Recruiting for Direct Sales that I started feeling uneasy.

I couldn’t understand what this feeling was, but they were a combination of symptoms like feeling frustrated, lacking any sense of creativity, isolated and distant from the rest of the world, lacking motivation, uninspired, and honestly, symptoms of depression were kind of setting in.

I became very annoyed because I knew deep down inside of me, there was so much more that I was supposed to be doing to serve the world, and as bad as I knew I needed to make some changes, I didn’t know where to start.

I kept burying myself under tons of questions like:

“What do I do now?”

“Do I just quit?”

“But if I’m good at this, why would I stop?”

“How will I replace this income?”

“Am I running from something? What am I afraid of?”

I would go back and forth with tons of questions in my mind, and honestly, it showed on the outside of me too.

People who knew me or who had to work with me during this phase felt the frustration.

They could tell that I was distant, unhappy and a little bitter about this feeling of uneasiness that I had.

I’d try to talk to people about it but they would all say things to me like:

“Nicole, you’re so close to earning the Million Dollar Ring girl, you need that!”

“Why would you abandon that, that’s your bread and butter!”

The more I talked to people, the more I felt like maybe something was wrong with me. However, the frustration grew even more because it got to a point where I didn’t have anyone to talk to who could really understand how I felt.

I tried typing in keywords like “how to know when it’s time to leave the network marketing industry” or “how to transition your way out of network marketing”.

And what do you know, not one darn article, video or blog post out there that’s talking about shifting out of it.

They were either one extreme or the other, how to build your mlm business, or how mlm businesses are scams.

Gratitude For The Journey

Man Standing At Beginning Of Winding Road

The truth is, I loved my journey in the industry, but I simply felt like my mission moving forward was to serve a broader audience without making people feel that they could only work with me if they joined my deal!

What does this transition look like? How do I make it? Where do I start? What do I do?

I had already started various coaching programs and as much as people would assume it was about building a team in a company, they’d quickly realize that my content was bigger than that! That it was designed to show them how to take the skills that they’d learned through their various home business experiences, and leverage them to build successful businesses as an entrepreneur.

You see, what was happening to me, I couldn’t explain, I couldn’t justify, and I couldn’t shake it!

I was no longer interested in being just a “home business” owner! Nawww… I wanted to evolve into building a long term sustainable business that didn’t make me feel like I was starting from scratch every 2-3 years, like I’ve felt in the Network Marketing industry.

I’d talk to close friends and confidantes, and they’d give me great advice but I’d still hit this wall.

Is it in my head?

Am I losing it?

What’s going on?

Why isn’t anyone else talking about this?

I quickly realized that what I was facing was probably apart of the new season in my life.  That maybe, in some strange way, I had to face all of this emotional turmoil to bring the conversation to the forefront to help others who may be faced with the same scenario!

I also realized that what I was going through and the conversations I was creating hadn’t been brought to the forefront before.

Don’t Deny The Process


After going back and forth with this scenario, I began to embrace the journey. I stopped allowing myself to feel trapped and instead, I began to feel enlightened.  Enlightened by the fact that this process was essential to my purpose moving forward.

As uncomfortable as it’s been, I knew that it was apart of the bigger picture and the bigger message that was to be birthed inside of me as a source of inspiration for others!

I quickly embraced it all, and realized that I had to be the voice to help others when they get in that place of transition. When they were faced with making BIG BOLD MOVES in their lives that didn’t make sense in the eyes of others, but were perfectly aligned with their visions and where they desired to go and grow.

It then dawned on me that it wasn’t about the Network Marketing industry, or any business for that matter.  This experience was more about coming face to face with who you are, and who you know you were born to be with a forced push to get us to stop playing small and to stop hiding behind the scenes, and to show up as the powerful individuals that we know we were born to be.

Time To Stop Hiding


You see, we all get complacent in routines and things that become safe and comfortable for us.  It’s very easy to build an expectation for things to remain the same.  However, when something happens that shakes things up, and forces us out of our comfort zones, it stretches us, and allows us to become more open and vulnerable to the new opportunities and new experiences in our lives that challenge us to become even greater in our being.

The truth is, we all get content. We all love it when we can predict what will happen in our lives.  But routine isn’t what expands us. It isn’t what challenges us to grow. It isn’t what pushes us to become more powerful.

It’s the struggles, the trials, the uncomfortable places that brings out the best in us.  They show us how strong we really are and they allow us to connect internally with who we were born to be!

It is in those moments where we are forced out of normal and into the unexpected that we discover our Voices.

And it was in these moments that I knew I had a greater message to share with the world, which inspired me to change the name.

Money versus The Message!


For years I battled with two things in my life…. Money versus The Message!

I’ve known since I was 19 that I would become an Inspirational Speaker. I was clear that I would be speaking on stages across the world, potentially writing books and impacting lives, but I had no idea how it would manifest in my “real life”.

Little did I know that the world of business would open the doors to me becoming a speaker, writer and soon to be published author.

The more I got involved in any type of business, the more I fell in love.  Business makes me feel Powerful, in control and successful, and it was in these feelings that I lost sight of the bigger picture.

The more I got involved with business (from real estate, to network marketing), the more I battled with “being inspirational”.

Honestly, it’s said over and over again these days that “inspiration” and “personal development” won’t really bring in the big bucks.

And if you are an inspirational speaker like Joel Osteen, people persecute you and feel like you have no right to be financially successful.

So I battled.

I battled with how inspiration fit into business.

I battled with people saying that I inspired them but they would never spend money with me.

I battled that people wouldn’t see me as a Business Leader.

I battled with whether or not I could make a living being Inspirational.

I battled with how to merge the two.

However, no matter how hard I tried, I could never suppress the inspirational side of me.

You see, after dealing with what I have over the past year or so, I quickly discovered how to turn my knowledge into income, and I developed a passion for teaching others how to do the same.

So after a powerful talk I did in Charlotte, which laid out so powerfully, how to transform your skills into a 6 figure career, I began to shift all my focus and energy in that direction, with the intent of putting the inspiration up on the shelves for a later date!

The Message Wins


After battling with names for my Podcast for quite some time, I made a decision to call it Online Biz Professionals, to support my goal of helping people discover how to turn their skills into a 6 Figure Career Online.

I had everything laid out. Had already done nearly 20 podcast episodes (pre-recorded), and as I was redoing the intro for it, along with a few additional episodes, things changed.

What started as a business topic quickly turned into a deep rooted conversation about Purpose, Vision and being Professionally Aligned, and as good as it was…. I felt that something was off.

I replayed it and listened to it, and also had 3 additional people listen and they all said the same thing… “it had them in tears” because it made them do a serious self-evaluation.

We all felt that it was far too inspirational to have such a stiff business title, and after listening to it myself, I started getting glimpses of bad reviews because what was supposed to be focused on just business, became a life transformational message that people enjoyed, but felt wasn’t true to the title of the Podcast.

So it was in that moment, that I said, I have to stop hiding from who I am, and own it!

That’s when I came up with the name!

Bold Unapologetic Success!

bold unapologetic success for entrepreneurs podcast

I realize that I’ve been trying to apologize for being inspirational.  I often tried to hide it, or quiet that side of me, seeking to make more of my business side show because I wanted people to take me seriously as a business woman.

However, after all that I’ve encountered in this season of my life, I’ve decided to no longer be apologetic for who I am.

I’ve decided to no longer hide who I am.

And I’ve decided to become more of who I am, without fear or worry as to if people would still honor the business side of me.

I am deserving of Wealth.

I am deserving of Success.

I am deserving of all the success, abundance and prosperity just as much as anyone else.

Therefore I am deserving to be Unapologetically Me!

My friends, this journey, this experience, and this challenge has inspired me to change the name of our podcast from “Online Biz Professionals” to “Bold Unapologetic Success For Entrepreneurs”.

This podcast will embrace everything about life, the journey to success and self-discovery, as well as being an Entrepreneur!

Of all the names I toiled with throughout this process, none of them truly capture the essence of who I am as much as this name does.

And as much as we will talk about Inspiration, we will definitely be getting down to business, and why it’s so important to not hide who you are within your gifts, talents and skills in the name of Money.

We will talk about how to put more meaning behind your Million Dollar Ambitions!

We will talk about how to Own and Excel in the Business of being YOU!

We will talk about being Unapologetic, Uncompromising, Bold, Relentless and Confidant at being you!

It’s Time!

It’s time to stop hiding who we  really are, and instead, embrace it. and this podcast is going to show you how to do just that!

I hope that with you knowing the backstory behind this, that you help us in promoting the launch of the podcast, and get others on board to help us rise up the charts to be apart of New & Noteworthy, which shows you as the top Podcast within your first 8 weeks of launching!

I will be sharing some information with you to ask for your help in promoting the podcast, so please join our launch list here, so we can get you everything need to help us get this message out to the world!

Thank you for reading this…

I want to hear from you

feedbackWhat do you think about the new name?

Can you relate to any of this?

Have you faced a similar situation?

Please share your story, feedback and insight with me below. I’d love to hear from you!



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