Why We’re Giving It All Up To Become Debt Free


If I had to sum up the great big question of “WHY are you doing this”, here’s the short and skinny answer…. “To finally live the lives WE desire to live!”

What does that mean you ask?

We Read more

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October 2016 Income Round Up


Welcome to this month’s edition of the Income Report Roundup.

I started sharing these numbers earlier this year, and it’s been interesting to see the growth, the up and down cycles and the consistency of these bloggers as we Read more

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Here’s Why Money Continues To Be An Issue In Your Life…..


This morning while out running errands, I kinda snapped….

Here’s what I mean…

I’ve been going through all of my bills looking to minimize them in any way possible to save more money.  My phone bill is one Read more

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April 2016 Income Round Up

One of the most exciting things about reading blog posts to me is reading the Income Reports from Bloggers who decided to build a Business blogging. For years I’ve been following several of these individuals as they’ve built their Read more
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How To Launch A Profitable Blog Quickly….


In this post I am going to go through some core pieces that you need to know in order to build a profitable blog.

Most people are overwhelmed with the thought of launching a blog because they face questions Read more

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My 5 Figure Per Month Blogging & Passive Income Strategy


“If I knew then what I know now I would have…… (fill in the blanks)”…

I’ll fill in the blanks on my end… If I knew then what I know now I would have taken blogging seriously, and would Read more

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