April 2016 Income Round Up

One of the most exciting things about reading blog posts to me is reading the Income Reports from Bloggers who decided to build a Business blogging.
For years I’ve been following several of these individuals as they’ve built their businesses over time and I’m inspired every month to see how their consistency and commitment has grown into successful blogging businesses.

Why They Share

Most people share their income reports to show their progress, create a sense of accountability and to track their growth over time.
What’s blown me away the most is how someone can go from their first check of earning just $20 for the entire month, to now averaging at least $50K per month on average.  It just goes to show “never despise small beginnings” and know that you gotta start somewhere.  And if you’re consistent, you won’t be earning small for long…
It’s very challenging to open up your world and share your income with total strangers, but it’s also super invigorating and liberating to see that people truly are creating a life around doing what they love, and getting paid well to do it.

Why I share the Roundup with you:

One of the main reasons why I share this Income Report Roundup is to help you realize a couple of things:
  1. Blogging Works
  2. Blogging Pays
  3. You can turn your Passions into Profits
  4. You must commit to being consistent
  5. If you treat it like a business you’ll get paid like a business, if you treat it like a hobby and be consistent, it will eventually pay you like a business
The more I read and create these Income Reports, the more I want to help you learn how to build a profitable blog quickly.

The Step-by-Step Guide To Creating Your Own Blog For Profits

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6 thoughts on “April 2016 Income Round Up”

  1. Just Read this and Wow , I’m fired up! I started following Melyssa Griffin through Pinterest and she is great. Cant wait to get started on blogging for Profits!!!

  2. I am impressed and motivated, just ordinary people doing extraordinary things and making an income while they do it. I am to join the party one day. Thanks for sharing.

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