7 Days Until We Launch The Online Biz Professionals Podcast!

Online Biz Professionals POdcast Nicole S CooperI’m sooooooo excited that today marks 7 days until we launch our new Podcast The “Online Biz Professionals” Podcast! It’s been a goal for years to do so, and now is the time!

Mark your calendars NOW and join our Launch list here and I’d love your support when we launch.

The First 3 Episodes will be released on this day and here’s what we’re going to talk about…
* Episode #1. Making The Transition:

What to do when you desire change but don’t know how to make the transition in your business

* Episode #2: Aligning with your Professional Purpose:

How to say No to the pieces of your business that drain you, and Yes to the parts that make you feel alive!

* Episode #3: Stop Playing Small & Charge What You’re Worth:

How to transition your business from Hobby level income to becoming a High Paid Professional

There’s soooo much good stuff going on behind the scenes and this Podcast will give you a sneak peek on how you can start Manifesting the vision you have for your business, without compromise, so get plugged in here now.

And Please spread the word to those you know that can benefit so we can have a Big Launch!

Thanks peeps for all your support. This podcast will be my way of Mentoring you to Command the Business, Income and Life You’re so deserving of!

Be Bold! Stop Waiting & Take Action!
~ Nic #obplaunch21715

P.S. Join our Online Biz Professionals FB Here so you can get plugged in to our Community.



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